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The Terrible Sound of Actual Play

Because someone demanded it (you know who you are), I am putting up the following links to real-time recordings of a combat from a game of Scion.  It’s horrifying (the sound of my own voice, terrible GMing), but occasionally entertaining.

Context: the heroes (Scions of Loki, Baldur, Susano-o, Baron Samedi, Ares, and Artemis) are fighting a titanspawn of Amut, the Egyptian demon with the head of a crocodile, body of a leopard, and hindquarters of a hippo, in a giant subterranean temple dug out beneath the subways of NYC.  It’s that kind of game.  The cultists have all been dispatched, the Amut-spawn has awoken, and shit gets real.  Things to watch out for:

1) Titanspawn have super-tough hides.  Hard to do damage to them.

2) Many of the Scions have ridiculous Dodge DVs, making them very hard to hit.

The combination of the two means there’s a lot of whiffery in this fight.

Part 1

Part 2

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